About Hangar A

HangarA is a tech company focused on making air cargo shipping transparent and simple. We analyze, scour and review all commercial airline cargo sites and show you all the information you need to make the best shipping decisions.


Our management team is constantly looking for ways to improve your shipping experience and minimize nuisances, thus we offer a variety of tools and features.

  • HangarA Price Explorer

    HangarA’s Price Explorer is found within its robust search engine that powers shippers with a full comprehensive price breakdown of every shipping option on a per product code and service type for each applicable airline.

  • Air Waybill Generator

    This interactive tool enables a shipper to quickly construct their Air Waybill - drawing information from your shipper profile - one can have their appropriate consignee, courier, payment method, and all additional required information inputted into the AWB with a few simple clicks. This IATA approved AWB can then be downloaded and emailed to all necessary parties immediately.

  • Flight Alert System

    The integrated flight alert system features a customizable notification platform to keep a shipper in the loop, via sms and or email and ensure one always knows the status of their shipment.

Want to take this a step further? HangarA offers two robust APIs - the HangarA Price Explorer and Interactive Air Waybill Generator - to integrate within your own transportation management system.


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